Count on Shawn for a reliable home inspection in Maple Valley and Auburn, WA

If you’re a home owner or prospective buyer in Maple Valley or Auburn, WA you want a home inspector who will work with you to make sure you know the truth about your home’s condition. Attics, Crawls & All Home Inspection’s experienced inspector, Shawn, will examine your home from attic to basement.

For added piece of mind, Shawn starts each inspection to same so that nothing is overlooked. During an inspection, he typically begins with roof and the exterior of the home. He looks for issues that could lead to leaks or mold. Inside, Shawn begins with the kitchen and works his way out through your home from there. He’ll check wiring, doors, windows and wood. He uses a moisture detector to find signs of water penetration.

If you want a thorough inspection report you can depend on, call Attics, Crawls & All Home Inspection today.

Why inspect before you buy?

Having a home is a huge investment, and you want to be sure you’re investing wisely. The best way to cover your bases is to get a comprehensive home inspection before you buy or sell a home in Maple Valley and Auburn, WA. Here are three important reasons why you should get a home inspection:

  1. You’ll get an expert’s look at your home.
  2. You’ll know if you should expect expensive issues down the road or need to take care of any issues prior to closing.
  3. You can negotiate the price based on the inspection report.

Attics, Crawls & All Home Inspection wants you to be comfortable with your home and live with confidence. Shawn’s reports are thorough and accurate, so you can make a decision that’s right for you.